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Many people today, exercising little patience, and wanting to earn the big bucks, "hang out their shingle" as an advertising agency or a Media Buying firm. We cringe when this happens. All of us at the Media Source, Inc. have dedicated our time to learn our trade - not only with formal education, but also through the school of hard knocks. We do not want any business to have a bad experience and then quit advertising because "it didn't work." Even if you never have the desire to retain the Media Source, Inc. to research, plan, negotiate and buy your advertising, we hope you will give thought to the correct medium for your business. Consider...




If the budget allows it is always more desirous to use two mediums to advertise.

The Media Source team has 67 years of combined experience in planning, negotiating, and buying media in markets from the East coast to the West coast. We welcome the opportunity to visit with you or answer any of your questions. Simply call us on the telephone at 316-945-9455, or email us.

The Media Source, Inc. is a recognized media buying service; thus qualifying for agency commission that is paid by the different mediums. There really is such a thing as a "free lunch." Contact us. We love to discuss our success stories with you, over lunch - our treat. We consider it an honor to share our expertise with you.


Thought for the Day:

If the budget allows it, it is always more desirous to use two mediums to advertise.

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